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PAUL NORMANSELL’S art has received global acclaim from critics and collectors in the fashion and music industries, being hailed as some of the most style-conscious imagery to define the shifting trends of popular culture.

The Artist

Normansell was born in 1978 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, into a working class family. He spent most of his schooldays paying little attention to the lessons and more time doodling. It was at this stage that he began experimenting with circles and dots, which became prominent features in his later work.

His art teacher Mrs. Kimble noticed his individual creative talent and quickly took him under her wing. His keen interest in music was beginning to influence his work, and led to a prolonged phase of 'visual sound' imagery.

"The foundation of my work originates from the relationship between art and music. I wanted to try and create a link between colour, shape and sound. My abstract paintings are based on colour studies exploring how colours can stimulate feelings, emotions within a person, the different meanings each colour has, and it's power to evoke a certain response from the viewer."

After completing his 1st Class Honours degree at the Birmingham Institute of Fine Art, Normansell exhibited his work. His first post-graduate collection was immediately sold out even though the prices were extraordinarily high (£1200.00) for such a little known artist. A gallery owner spotted his talent and instantly signed him up.

A major step in Paul's artistic evolution was the iconic portrait work, which entered the world of high fashion through on-trend images of ultimate desirability and unattainable perfection. High profile fashion assignments have included a range of portraits of supermodels Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn.

The work caught the attention of major fashion brands after appearing in ultra-cool style journals.

In 2008, Normansell was personally approached by Brandon Flowers, frontman of US rock band The Killers. A fan of Paul's work, Flowers commissioned him to create the cover artwork for their third album 'Day & Age', which is now multi-platinum, selling over 3 million copies to date. Rolling Stone Magazine championed the artwork voting it as 'the best album cover of the year.'

Following a string of sell out shows and media attention Paul has become one of the most sought after contemporary artists, receiving international acclaim and exhibiting as far afield as Japan, the United States and Australia.